Program of the 20th - 2019 Convention

During the day we bring eye and ear candy for young and old.
We have a bar with cold and hot drinks, sandwiches and more.
Just outside the convention center you find a burger, seafood and pasta stand.
Kids entertainment and body paint, several promo teams and more to see.
Several promo teams during the convention at work with their goodies to get.

Saturday 6 April 2019


08:00 Artists and traders entry.

10.00 Main doors open for public (tickets).

15.00 Belle Star & the Boot Jacks (R'nR)

18:00 Fifties Fever (R'nR / Billy)

21:00 AFTER PARTY Ambush & Macetté

02:00 doors closing (approx.)

Sunday 7 April 2019


10.00 Main doors open for public.

15.00 Ambush live on stage

16:00 Tattoo contest Powered by (Melissa Meijs, Jessica Juttens, Ann Loose, Slide & George)

17:00 Dave Chavez band

18:30 Award Ceremony

20:00 doors closing (approx.)